Bad Weather California – Sunkissed

January 01, 1970

(Family Tree)


I’m not sure if eclectic Funk/Folk Rock fans have summer
jams, but if they do, I’m certain any number of the songs off of the latest
from the Denver-based band Bad Weather California will make the list this year.


Sunkissed, the
sophomore album from this foursome, is just that: a soundtrack for the
sun-drenched summer months (“I’ll Reach Out My Hand”) and beer on the porch
evenings (“I’ll Sing Along)”. With its charmingly sloppy DIY feel, Sunkissed
also somehow manages to be the least punk rock sounding album that clearly
draws influence from a slew of punk rock bands (everyone from The Minutemen and
fIREHOSE to The Meat Puppets). The record follows up 2009’s Young Punks nicely, going even further
into the 60’s garage and psychedelic rock vibe they first hinted at a few years
ago. No place is that more obvious than on the almost free-form jam “I Feel
Like Dancing” or the brilliant “Let it Shine” (which could almost pass itself
off as one of Brian Wilson’s great lost Pet Sound/Smile-era experimental
tracks, though with a lot more funk).


Bad Weather California, which once served appropriately
enough as a backing group to odd ball genius Daniel Johnston, has a knack for
slipping in and out genres fairly easily which actually works in their favor
rather than coming off as contrived. They might just be one of the few bands
going that can appeal to both Deadheads and anyone who has ever worshipped at
the altar of the salty punk rocker Mike Watt. So whether it’s a tie-dyed bikini
or a Clash t-shirt with the sleeves cut off, you already have the music for the
summer, all you need now is for the calendar to catch up.   


or Try,” “Let it Shine” and “I’ll Reach Out” 


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