Bad Religion – The Dissent of Man

January 01, 1970





Thirty years into one of the greatest punk rock careers, Bad
Religion proves yet again that the way to create a stellar record is to write
for themselves. For decades now, Bad Religion has stuck to a strict formula of
smart lyrics, tight guitars/drums and harmonies that would make the Beach Boys


And The Dissent of Man,
the band’s fifteenth full length, keeps the tradition going. It ranks up there with
1990’s Against the Grain as one of
their best – which is saying a lot when you consider the impressive canon
they’ve already amassed. Thanks to greedy Wall Streeters, amoral religious
leaders and hypocritical politicians, there’s plenty of material out there and Thank
God (or maybe not) Bad Religion is there to chronicle it.


DOWNLOAD: “Cyanide,”
“The Devil in Stitches” JOHN B. MOORE

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