Azure Ray – Drawing Down the Moon

January 01, 1970





Drawing Down the Moon begins
with a sweep of harp strings, added surface noise and harmonies that sing a
lullaby. Orenda Fink and Maria Taylor might be singing “Wake Up Sleepyhead” but
it sounds more like they want you join them on a trip through dreamland that
explores the lost and found of love.


the album, that subject matter guides them frequently. Their voices stand out
against the accompaniment of stark keyboards, acoustic guitars and a drum
machine, with strings and an oboe or English horn entering on the lead breaks.
The lyrics occasionally mirror Tin Pan Alley pop in their longing: “Birds don’t
sing/ and the trees don’t speak/ I don’t see signs in the leaves anymore.”
What’s refreshing is the music never sounds too spare because the voices fill every
nook in the songs, and the lyrical sentiment doesn’t feel insincere or


DOWNLOAD: “Sign in the Leaves,”

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