Azalia Snail – Celestial Respect

January 01, 1970



Never one to
follow any kind of trends or fads, Azalia Snail (a New Yorker now based in Lose
Angeles) has been chasing her dreams, following the sun and recording her own
music for over two decades. She has released countless records and toured the
world numerous times and yet still sounds fresh and unique. Celestial Respect, her first release on
the Silber Records label, is her first record in five years and while hers is a
sound that takes some getting used to, a few deep listens will elicit rewards
for the listener.


On this record
Azalia is still mining the otherworldly aspects of psychedelic folks music, and
although she has a few musical collaborators, it is mostly Azalia creating the
sounds all by herself (or as it says on the CD, “played and displayed by Azalia
Snail”). The first few tunes, esoteric and beyond, are for hardcore fans only
(as are a few others), but by the time song number three, “Space Heater,” wafts
in, she seems to have settled into a comfortable groove with its layered
guitars and drum machine while the ethereal “User System” adds some breezy
trumpet to the proceedings. Later on, “Burnt Cookies” unfolds as a woozy pop
song built on clattering drums, chiming guitar sand neighborly keyboards to
create a mini module for community warmth but then a song like “Gtr Godz” short
circuits and fizzles out before it even gets started as do a few others.  While not everyone’s cup of tea, Azalia is a
true freedom fighter in an age of generic, cookie cutter crap.


If the ghost of
Syd Barrett is telling you to go west, you could do a lot worse than check out
the music of Azalia Snail.


DOWNLOAD: “Space Heater”, “Burnt Cookies”, “Lovey




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