Austin Psych Fest 2013 (Report/Photos 1)

Dates: April 26-28

Location: Austin, TX

Tamaryn top

Taking place this year April 26-28 in Austin (duh), it featured mind-melders both old (Roky Erickson, Moving Sidewalks) and young (White Fence, Black Angels). And our man on the ground lived to tell about it. Pictured above: dream-pop stars Tamaryn.

Photos & Text by John Boydston

Below we have Lee Blackwell of The Night Beats, who’ve recorded for the Trouble In Mind and Burger labels. They rocked, and Lee also plays in a sometimes band called The UFO Club with Christian Bland (of the Black Angels). Also in the group:James Traeger and Tarek Wegner.

Nightbeats 1

Man or Astroman performing inside the Levitation Tent at APF Saturday. Pictured top photo (#1) are (L-R) Coco (bass), Birdstuff (drums), Star Crunch (guitar). Pictured bottom photo are (L-R) Avona Nova (guitar), Coco (bass), Birdstuff (drums), Star Crunch (guitar).

Man or Astroman 1

Man or Astroman 2

Tamaryn (center-vocals) and musical collaborator Rex John Shelverton (l-guitar) and company deliver a confident set of spell-binding, dreamy, and haunting pop-styled songs. San Fran-based Tamaryn’s music might be the perfect melding of pop and goth.

Tamaryn 2

A reunited Rain Parade kicks off the Austin Psych Fest Thursday, showing young psych-festers how it’s done. (L-R) Mark Hanley, Nelson Bragg, Matt Piucci, Steve Roback, and John Thoman. Not shown is former Game Theory Gil Thomas on drums.

Rain Parade 1

Tim Presley performs with this band White Fence Sunday at the APF. (L-R middle photo) Jack Name/John Dust, Sean Presley, Nick Murray, Jared Everett, Tim Presley. We don’t know exactly why people attended the Austin Psych Fest, but at least some came to freak!

White Fence 1

White Fence 2

White Fence 3

Roky Erikson received a warm welcome as a hometown psychedelic hero at the Austin Psych Fest Sunday. Roky’s song “You’re Gonna Miss Me” was a hit with The 13th Floor Elevators. His band Sunday featured son Django on lead guitar (right).

Roky Erickson 1

Roky Erickson 3

Rocky Erickson 2

Denmark’s The Raveonettes brought their noise garage pop to APF Friday night. Sune Rose Wagner, unknown drummer and Sharin Foo.

Raveonettes 2

Raveonettes 1

Just when you think you might just maybe accidentally be attending the Dragon Con event of weird rock music – along comes Warpaint, an L.A based all-girl quartet that arguably out-Bangles the Bangles. They write, they sing, they play their instruments, they rock, they jam, and they brought some much-needed sex appeal to Austin Psych Fest.

Warpaint 1

The Black Angels joined by Rishi Dihr for a couple of songs during their performance at Psych Fest. Dihr has recorded and played live with the band quite a bit, having just finished touring with The Black Angels with his own band Elephant Stone.

Black Angels 1

Rishi Dihr playing with Elephant Stone.

Elephant Stone 2

Billy Gibbons gets “the band” back together to headline and close out the Austin Psych Fest. No, not that band. Before ZZ Top there was The Moving Sidewalks, which was broken up by something called The Vietnam War after two members got drafted. The band was able to cut a couple of records and tour with Jimi Hendrix before Billy got busy with ZZ Top, but not much else good happened to them. Now they are back and it’s all good. They are not so much answering the question “Where we been?” but asking “Where you been?”

Moving Sidewalks 1

But wait, are those specially equipped iPad guitars those guys are playing? Yes. But we don’t know why?

Moving Sidewalks 2

And wait, what exactly kind of hat is Billy wearing? We don’t know. But it’s funky.

Moving Sidewalks 3

Moving Sidewalks brings out the Black Angels’ Alex Maas to play that ‘mouth jug’ as Billy called it.

Black Angels Moving Sidewalks

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