AUSMUTEANTS – Order of Operation

Album: Order of Operation

Artist: Ausmuteants

Label: Goner

Release Date: September 30, 2014

Ausmuteants 9-30


 A Facebook friend was raving about this Aussie bunch recently and hey, she’s got good taste in music so I knew I had to listen. And hey, if you want to know everything about the making of this record it’s right there on the sleeve (with the drawing of an old photocopying machine). Expenses (i.e., recording fee – $600, etc.) so yeah, these guys are an economical bunch and we can all get behind that (cheap bastards that we are).

I believe this is their sophomore effort and right from the get-go the band is all in your face. Guitars and keyboards intermingle while Jake and Shaun trade off vocals and they even talk the percussionist, William, into playing some sax. The songs are herky and jerky and will bring to mind early Devo as well as Portland’s late, great Epoxies (LA’s Screamers, too). Oh they can write songs, too. Check out “We’re Cops,” “Felix Tried To Kill Himself,” “Looney Bin” (my favorite) and “1982.” Though I don’t think I’m wrong in saying there’s not a band cut on here. If I had been listening to THIS kind of new wave back in the early ‘80s (as opposed to , say, Duran Duran) it wouldn’t have taken me so long to get into the good stuff.  Oh I eventually got it, it just took a while to sink in. Meanwhile, Order of Operation sunk in immediately.

DOWNLOAD: “We’re Cops,” “Felix Tried to Kill Himself,” “Looney Bin,” “1982”



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