Atom™ – Winterreise

January 01, 1970



Señor Coconut, acclaimed German producer AtomTM has taken electronic music to the upper
echelons of Español. With Winterreise,
the artist born Uwe Schmidt’s second LP for the excellent experimental imprint
Raster-Notion, he trades in the tropical climes of the most prolific of his
near-72 different aliases for the teutonic tundra of abstract minimalism.


This 17-track, four-part suite, in actuality, serves as the
soundtrack to a photography series created by Schmidt crafted in the context of
his previous Raster release Liedgut. It is a stark, beautiful set of
pictures, which in 2011 had been exhibited in art galleries in Tokyo
and Frankfurt to rapturous
acclaim. And the icy soundscapes Atom works up on his laptop
provide the perfect complement to the haunting grain of the visual essay it


In this age of being force fed digital downloads from an
industry who thinks it knows better than its constituents, Winterreise is
a stirring exercise in the gravity of the physical product’s unshakable
tangibility to capture the true
greatness of the art. And from a guy who makes music on computers, no less!


DOWNLOAD: “Voralpenthema,”
“Tiefebene” RON HART

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