Atlas Sound – Parallax

January 01, 1970



As the
original outlet for Deerhunter’s Bradford Cox, Atlas Sound has always leaned
toward the strange, fuzzy and abstract. But Cox sings a decidedly different
tune on Parallax, making the title –
which relates to a shift in perspective that makes background objects appear to
move slower than those at the forefront – incredibly suiting.


The album is elaborately layered, lush and
melodic, an obviously far stretch from the four volumes of Bedroom Databank recordings Cox released online. And though Cox
found a more accessible sound on 2009’s Logos, the LP has more in common with Halcyon
Deerhunter’s most recent offering. Though Cox maintains his
signature subtle desolation, he’s more self-assured than ever this time. Gentle
introspection – instead of the outright melancholy he often exudes – paired
with sway-worthy melodies make Parallax the
most listenable Atlas Sound album to date.


that’s not what Cox intended, but pushing the avant-garde wallowing into the
background this time around is a surprising, lovely relief.


DOWNLOAD: “The Shakes,” “Parallax” JHONI JACKSON


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