ATASH – Everything is Music

Album: Everything Is Music

Artist: Atash

Label: Ars Mundi Productions

Release Date: March 25, 2014

Atash 3-25


In a town known for blues, Americana and alternative rock, it’s refreshing to come across a band like Atash. The Austin nine-piece virtually ignores the sounds found within the Texas border on its third album Everything is Music, instead pulling from cultures around the world: Arabic, African, Persian, Asian, Latin, with a bit of American jazz layered in like spinach in a lasagna. The combination of sitar, violins, Farsi and French vocals and all manner of (to Westerners) exotic percussion opens the door to other universes, where the cooking grooves of “Sahara Spring” and “Manaman Koli,” the blended cultures of “Amshab” and the spiritual yearning of “Mistereph” fill the skies with color and shape beyond what we know in this drab reality.

Without second-guessing any intent behind these tracks beyond performance, Atash really puts you in another place, as psychedelic as anything involving strobe lights and distortion pedals. The quote from Sufi poet Rumi, from which the LP title comes, has it down: “We have fallen to a place where everything is music!”

DOWNLOAD: “Manaman Koli,” “Sahara Spring” “Mistereph”

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