Astronautalis – This Is Our Science

January 01, 1970

(Fake Four Inc.)


Minneapolis rapper Charles Bothwell, aka
Astronautalis, returns with his 4th LP This Is Our Science. Astronautalis unveils the many faces to his
musical science as he melds blues, rock and pop to create his unique blend of
hip hop. While some tracks prove unradical, it is when Astronautalis fuses
heavy bluesy-rock influences with his beats that  Science truly shines.


“Holy Water”
proves to be, by far, the most charged and unique track on Science. Channeling his inner Tom Waits, Astronautalis growls and
roars his way through the 3 minute track laced with an almost indescribable,
sparse soundscape of pulsating bass, plucky, mandolin-esque chords and a chorus
of backing vocals. After hearing “Water,” a first time listener of
Astronautalis shared: “I can seriously say I haven’t heard anything like that


Yet it is not
all distinctive rap stylings that Astronautalis displays on Science. With songs like “Secrets On Our
Lips,” or “Measure The Globe” he slows the pace via his mellow vocals; these
are the sounds that have drawn comparisons to Beck. An eclectic album that unveils
varied sounds from one song to the next, This
Is Our Science
is a thoroughly creative venture.


DOWNLOAD: “Holy Water,” “Lift The Curse,”  “The River, The Woods” APRIL S. ENGRAM

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