Asteroid No. 4 – Hail to the Clear Figurines

January 01, 1970

(The Committee to Keep Music Evil)


It’s hard to believe that these Philly psych merchants have been at it
for 15 years but indeed they have. The core of the band is still
vocalist/guitarist Scott Vitt, guitarist Eric Harris and drummer Adam Weaver
(though the band is officially a 5-piece) and in those 15 years they have
quietly carved out their own place in the garage/psych/pop pantheon with their
buddies The Brian Jonestown Massacre (this record is on BJM’s label),  The Lilys (whose Kurt Heasley produced one of
their records) and a few others. Even more intriguing is that the band keeps
getting better and Hail to the Clear
might be their best work yet.


They start things off in classy fashion with the dirty driving beat of
“Wicked Wire” and then dive right into the trippier, soaring “Wild Opal Eyes’
and then from there into janglier, melodic title track (sounding very 1968).
Elsewhere “The Unknown” kick up dust from what sounds like an old Morricone
movie (musically think Calexico) and “Got Nowhere to Go” brings to mind the
best of paisley poppers, The Rain Parade (plenty o’ tambourine).  A few of the tunes go cross-eyed from the
blur (“In the Interest of Captain Marbles”, etc.) but most of this is beyond


For a band to be this relevant and still be so unknown 15 years means
only one thing, these guys deserve more fans. Drop in anytime, sunglasses
provided at the door.


DOWNLOAD: “All False
Reasons”, “Wild Opal Eyes”, “Hail to the Clear Figurines” TIM HINELY




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