THE ASTEROID NO.4 – Self-Titled

Album: Asteroid No.4

Artist: The Asteroid No.4

Label: Bad Vibrations

Release Date: September 23, 2014

Asteroid 9-23


Shades of Pink Floyd, Hawkwind, Kraftwerk and all manner of ‘60s psychedelia. The ever-reliable Asteroid No.4 revisit those acid-fried days of yesteryear with another interstellar adventure, thanks to a self-titled opus that finds the controls still set firmly for the heart of the sun. Hailing from San Francisco — natch — the band’s eight albums have found them repeatedly replaying their archival FM influences, seemingly unwilling to bend to any current fashions or trends. Sitars, phased guitars and all manner of cosmic mumbo jumbo enter the fray, making songs such as “Buka Vimana,” “Yuba” and “Ropeless Free Climber” sound as strange and surreal as those titles otherwise imply.

Whether on an all-out rumble and rampage at full speed ahead or taking some sort of surreal interlude, the implication of lysergic influences can’t be denied. Nevertheless, parents need not worry. A fanciful journey, The Asteroid No. 4 promises no more than a fanciful escape.

DOWNLOAD: “Buka Vimana,” “Yuba,” “Ropeless Free Climber”

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