Ashley Beedle/King Britt – Southport Weekender Vol. 8

January 01, 1970

(suSU Music)

Southport Weekender is described as “Europe’s…best
loved indoor soulful music festival,” by the press release accompanying this
new double album. Note the word “soulful” instead of soul. (Also, note the word
“indoor” – presumably, there is a better loved outdoor festival somewhere in Europe.) The mixes that DJ’s Ashley Beedle and King Britt
have assembled for Volume 8 of the Southport series draw from a variety of genres – house, techno, jazz, soul, broken beat,
and more – a thorough study of what it means to have soul.


A little background: Beedle hails from Britain, while
Britt is from Philly. Both are accomplished DJ/producers who have participated
in a wide variety of genres within the electronic music umbrella. And the two
are a good match for this mix, their likeminded but unique track selection
complimenting each other well.


Every track encompasses some notion of soulfulness, from the
opening song on Beedle’s mix, The Dells’ version of the classic “Walk On By,”
to the r’n’b-infused Black Ghosts track, “It’s Your Touch.” Following the same
aesthetic, Britt takes the listener on a journey from Edwin Starr’s version of
“War” to John Tejada’s more minimal house. Both do a good job of taking the
listener on an excursion instead of just showcasing various tracks, an
essential element of any DJ mix.


Standout Tracks: “Desire”
(John Tejada) “It’s Your Touch” (Black Ghosts) JONAH FLICKER


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