ARTHUR NASSON – West Cambridge Cowboys

January 01, 1970



Arthur Nasson has been writing, performing, producing and
distributing his own music for seven albums now, honing an eclectic, somewhat
whimsical approach to guitar-centric power pop that borrows from 1960s bands
like the Kinks, the Beatles, the Left Banke and the Zombies, as well as later
acts like XTC, Squeeze and Todd Rundgren. West Cambridge Cowboys rifles through a variety of styles,
from a baroque, piano-flourishing “She Was Never Really There,” to the gleeful,
Flamin’ Groovies-ish “All Dressed in Plastic,” to the spiky New Wave
irreverence of “Watch Your Back Now.” A couple of electronic noise intervals
are sprinkled amid the songs, just to break things up, but it’s mostly about
the hook. You’ll find yourself humming along with the main line from “Blind to
Reason,” almost before you’ve heard it through, mouthing the
“oh-oh-ah-ah-ee-ays” from “All Dressed in Plastic” as the most limbic sort of


Yet while the songs on West Cambridge Cowboys are quick on the draw, they
tend to fade a little on consideration. These tunes, most of them are, too
easy, too catchy, too cotton-candy accessible. You want a little more fight and
friction, a little more difficulty, to hold your attention. And that’s maybe
why I find myself returning to “Flanger in My Heart,” the loudest, most
aggressive track, the one shot through with that jet-plane-on-a-runway sound of
the title’s sound effect. It’s still well-styled and careful, but also raucous
enough to break through. 


DOWNLOAD: “Flanger
in My Heart”, “All Dressed in Plastic” JENNIFER KELLY


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