Album: Lucky


Label: pOprOck Records

Release Date: March 22, 2013

Arrica Rose



Anyone who’s been around the music biz any length of time knows that luck and talent go hand in hand. Fact is, it’s really hard to rely on only one of those factors alone. So while Arrica Rose & The… (the dot dot dots are intentional) may appear unduly modest in titling their new EP Lucky, there’s no doubt that it takes good fortune to attract attention.


Still, all the luck in the world won’t bring notice if ability isn’t there to begin with. To Rose’s credit, she’s established a style that draws from timeless pop references, without mirroring any other artist in particular. “Without My Love” finds a fragile vocal over an upbeat melody, all but guaranteeing instant pop appeal. The sultry sparkle of “Microscope” and emotive delivery of “Before the Fade” and “Come on Home to Me” further bolster that accessibility factor. And that’s good news, because while Rose’s critical kudos for previous efforts are well deserved, she’s also in need of a big breakthrough to put her over the top. Despite the brevity of this six song EP, Lucky might well be the effort that brings her the good fortune she deserves.


DOWNLOAD: “Without My Love,” “Before the Fade”



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