ARRICA ROSE & THE …’S – Wavefunction

Album: Wavefunction

Artist: Arrica Rose & the ...'s

Label: pOprOck Records/Radio Hills

Release Date: November 07, 2014

Arrica Rose 11-7


Hmmm. Arrica Rose has an attitude, although in this case, that’s not a bad thing. Wavefunction, the fourth album by Rose and her band The …’s’, reflects the fact she’s a devoted diva, a singer whose arched attitude often brings to mind such ‘80s iconoclasts as Berlin, the Motels and Missing Persons.

Rose resides in mostly darker environs, her brusque approach and dramatic posturing imbuing nearly every song with a sound that blends a sultry sensuality with a hard and fast defiance. Thankfully, that doesn’t detract from the overall appeal of the band’s broadsides, whether it’s the stealth-like twist of “Tiny Broken Boats” or the catchy and compelling lure of “Song in Your Head.” Even so, Rose is most effective when she tones down that steely stance and settles instead into the comforting embrace of tracks like “Where You’ve Been,” “Safety Pin” and “The Shallow End,” mellower moments found in the midst of an overall edge and uncertainty.

Not surprisingly then, the album’s sole cover, a captivating take on Roy Orbison’s “In Dreams,” also manages to retain that shadowy, seductive feel. A beguiling entry, Wavefunction is a moody mix of intrigue and introspection that’s  somehow feels as elusive as it affecting.

DOWNLOAD: “Safety Pin,” “In Dreams,” “The Shallow End”


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