ARKELLS – Rally Cry

Album: Rally Cry

Artist: Arkells

Label: Last Gang / eOne

Release Date: October 19, 2018


The Arkells are on a seemingly growing list of Canadian bands that put out album after album of great music and attain a certain level of property in their home country, but have yet to really reach that level of recognition here in the U.S. Rally Cry, their fifth LP, is more of what fans have come to expect from the band – a frenetic collection of memorable, sing-along pop rock that brings to mind everyone from U2 to Cheap Trick.

The band clearly discovered a formula early on and have stuck with it ever since. Rally Cry is pretty much a karaoke album for modern times, with danceable hooks, and choruses begging for arena singalongs. Surprisingly one of the more obvious danceable pop songs here, “People’s Champ,” is a trojan horse political anthem, with lyrics describing Trump to a T, all wrapped neatly in hard-to-ignore hooks. Elsewhere, “America Screams,” though still a great song, is a little less subtle with the political implications. There are a couple of weaker songs here that start to lose luster after a couple of listens, but not enough to overshadow many of the stronger tracks.

Another fine entry into the Arkells’ growing canon. Here’s hoping America is listening.

DOWNLOAD: “Company Man,” “Don’t be a Stranger” and “America Screams”

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