Archie Powell & the Exports – Great Ideas In Action

January 01, 1970

(Good Land)


Amped up by what seems like a boundless supply of energy
applied with equal amounts of enthusiasm, Greet
Ideas In Action
barely contains its fervor and becomes all the more
intoxicating as a result. Without even the slightest pause between songs,
Powell and company exude pure adrenalin as they take their headlong plunge into
boisterous celebration.


Consequently, the pace accelerates from the get-go,
beginning with the mad dash of “Metronome” and continuing through the final
rush of “Only So Much You Can Do,” with scarcely any hesitation in between.
Whatever occurs along the way isn’t so much a break in pace as it is a twist of
tempo-the staccato beat of “I Need Supervision,” the herky-jerky set-up of “Job
Fair,” the vaguely ‘50s feel of “Bend Over Backwards.” That it’s decidedly
indulgent ought to come as little surprise. If it’s true that Rock ‘n’ Roll is
best expressed without reservation, Powell’s credibility has already been



DOWNLOAD: “Metronome,”
“Bend Over Backwards” LEE ZIMMERMAN

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