Album: Back In Black

Artist: Archie Powell & the Exports

Label: Team Cool

Release Date: April 29, 2014

Archie Powell 4-28


Someone’s clearly been digging out the old AC/DC records.

On their sophomore record, Chicago-based rockers Archie Powell & the Exports have excised just about every trace of Power Pop that was the highlight of their debut. While there are some solid songs on Back in Black, the band tinkered with a format that clearly wasn’t broken.

Their 2012 Great Ideas in Action was a fantastically fun mix of influences that included everyone from Cheap Trick to Ted Leo. Back in Black, however, seems to have completely erased that playlist in favor of a harder rock edge and, at least in one case, some of the throat shredding screamo bands of the past decade like The Used and Thursday. (Most notably on a song like “Lean”—To be honest, I am not certain this isn’t just the band being ironic. To assuage my fears, I’m going to stick with irony.) Also gone are some of the more overtly political themes from that first record, in favor of more relatable topics like love, sex and heartbreak.

A decent record, but not nearly as great as its predecessor. Well you can’t accuse Powell of simply writing the same record twice.

 DOWNLOAD: “Tattoo on My Brain,” “Electrocute My Heart” and “I’m Gonna Lose It”



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