THE APACHE RELAY — The Apache Relay

Album: The Apache Relay

Artist: Apache Relay

Label: Nomadic Records/So Recordings

Release Date: April 22, 2014

Apache Relay 4-22


It would be easy to dismiss Apache Relay as simply another buzz band attempting to come into their own. They possess all the right qualities — an effusive approach drawn from familiar pop precepts, an amiable attitude that ensures neither audience or critics will be left at arm’s length, and just enough mystique to suggest that they are indeed capable of becoming the industry’s Next Big Thing. Or, as previously stated, a legitimate buzz band at least for the moment. Just how enduring The Apache Relay will prove has yet to be determined, but if their first two albums are any indication, they do hold a shot at altering the pop landscape.

Beginning this eponymous album with an orchestral flourish bodes well, and the unabashed and unapologetic ebullience of opener “Katie Queen of Tennessee” provides the perfect intro. Happily too, the rest of the album doesn’t disappoint, be it the woozy rhythms of a song like “Terrible Feeling” — which suggests the effect of someone who’s downed one too many trying to assert his sobriety — or the gentle sway proffered with “Ruby,” “White Light” and “Growing Pains,” just a few of many tracks that convey a sound both dreamy and delirious. Be it subdued or celebratory, The Apache Relay seem to have gotten the essential dictate — accessibility and appeal will win over the masses every time.

DOWNLOAD: “Katie Queen of Tennessee,” “Terrible Feeling,” “Ruby”

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