ANTON BARBEAU – Natural Causes

Album: Natural Causes

Artist: Anton Barbeau

Label: Beehive

Release Date: April 06, 2018



Anton Barbeau has made his name in power pop circles for quite some time now, but sadly, it seems the wider world is simply too slow to catch on. One can only hope that assessment will change with the release of Natural Causes, his exceptional new album and one that finds him pulling out all the stops. Exceptional melodies and an exuberant attitude elevates these grooves and provides them their shimmer. Applying a hint of psychedelia and some tangled philosophy (check out “It’s the Coffee That Makes the Man Go Mad,” a treatise on caffeine versus recreational drugs of the standard variety), Barbeau offers up another varied and vibrant effort, one that’s occasionally woozy but consistently appealing all the same.

Those that gravitate towards songs of a more cosmic variety will find plenty to entice as well. The big and bold opener “Magazine Street” offers initial indication, with other entries such as “Disambiguation” and “Mumble Something” providing assertive backup. The loping “Down Around the Radio” and the chamber pop approach of “Just Passing By” find common ground in their ‘60s sensibilities, further confirmation of the fact that Barbeau is a paisley pop rocker with a prime pedigree and both the talent and mindset to match.

DOWNLOAD: “It’s the Coffee That Makes the Man Go Mad,” “Disambiguation,” “Just Passing By”




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