Antlers – Burst Apart

January 01, 1970



The Antlers’ Hospice delved deeply into desperate emotions-of love, of hope, of anger at sickness.
It was one of 2009’s best, a startling and engrossing song-cycle. Burst
doesn’t quite reach those heights, but it’s still remarkably
rewarding. Hospice seemed deeply personal, a cathartic vehicle for Peter


Burst Apart relies more on Darby Cicci’s keyboards, and its
subject matter-a bitter disillusionment toward love- is more generalized than
Hospice’s character-driven narrative. The album is full of moments of beauty:
the quiet build of “Rolled Together,” the serrated, Jonny Greenwood-style
guitars of “Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out,” the falsetto crooning in
“Hounds” and “Corsicana.”
But that beauty is bruised: “Everyone I hold holds me strangled, sweet and
smart; I’m not a puppy you take home, don’t bother trying to fix my heart,”
Silberman sings in “French Exit” to a plucky, soulful pulse. Burst Apart has fewer sudden leaps in intensity than did Hospice; instead, it has
the gradually shifting textures of electronic music. That, and Silberman’s
dramatic tenor vocals call to mind Radiohead, but in ways that are not overtly
imitative. Silberman’s lyrics keep pushing away any chance of intimacy, but Burst
‘s grace and drama are easy to love.


DOWNLOAD: “French Exit,” “Every Night My Teeth Are Falling


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