ANTHONY D’AMATO – The Shipwreck from the Shore

Album: The Shipwreck from the Shore

Artist: Anthony D'Amato

Label: New west

Release Date: September 16, 2014



Among industry insiders, Anthony D’Amato’s heretofore been known for his work on the other side of the musical divide, that of a hardworking publicist whose primary mission has been bringing attention to others. With the release of this extraordinary debut, the kudos are being steered his way, and for good reason. D’Amato has obviously absorbed lessons learned from his talented clientele, resulting in an album that’s both musically flush and emotionally endowed.

In a certain sense, The Shipwreck from the Shore is clearly as reflective as its wistful title implies. At least two of its ten songs – the stirring “Was A Time” and an acoustic “If It Don’t Work Out” — are consumed with coping in the aftermath of failed love affairs. Surprisingly though, the overall mood is mainly one of exaltation. With a boisterous, punchy sound that frequently brings to mind the unabashed uptick of the Mumford Brothers and the Lumineers, songs such as “Back Back Back,” “Cold Comfort” and “Hard to Say” broaden their reach through rousing refrains spiked by D’Amato’s barely contained enthusiasm. Although he’s an adequate singer, it’s those rich textures and effusive arrangements which make the material consistently seem larger than life. With The Shipwreck from the Shore, D’Amato’s set his course towards greater glories.

: “Was A Time,” “Cold Comfort,” “Hard to Say”




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