Annuals – Sweet Sister

January 01, 1970

(Banter Records)


South Carolina’s Annuals continually expand their
musical influences with each release and this new EP Sweet Sister is no exception. Their debut LP Be He Me was an excellent organic creation that illustrated to new
listeners the seething talent the sextet possesses. Sophomore effort Such Fun was a bit more polished and
musically adventurous. With a third LP en route, here they effortlessly merge
pop, folk, rock, country and world.


Each track takes
on its own sound. Within this five song EP the first three are the strongest. The
title track stands out for its great, up-tempo beats while lead singer Adam
Baker’s cool vocals soothes you on opener “Loxtep” and “Turncloaking.” The mélange
sometimes finds the sounds bouncing off each other kinetically rather than
cohesively, yet Annuals always manage to be sonically sensible.


Standout Tracks: “Sweet Sister,” “Turncloaking” APRIL S.


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