Anna Coogan – The Nocturnal Among Us

January 01, 1970



Clearly, there’s nothing more commonplace these days that
dewy-eyed singer/songwriters of a lofty Americana
persuasion. Except, of course, for squabbling politicians and recalled drywall
from China. So the fact that Anna Coogan operates within that template doesn’t
exactly set her up for any sort of distinction, at least not at the
outset.  That said, the fact that she is
able to distinguish herself within a realm that’s so tried and true attests to
both her prowess and performance.


Truth be told, The
Nocturnal Among Us
doesn’t necessarily breach any parameters. As its title
implies, it’s an album permeated by sadness, despair and a twilight sensibility
that ensures that its overcast feeling lingers throughout.  In fact, Coogan’s preoccupation with death is
exceedingly obvious, from the haunting despondency of “Holy Ghosts of Texas” to
the pensive sway of “Coins on Your Eyes.” Its best songs – “Dreaming My Life
Away” and “Halfway Gone” in particular – bear lyrics that succumb to
resignation, although Coogan’s high lonesome vocals bare both sorrow and
strength.  So while some may find her
downcast demeanor a bit troubling, the beauty in her melodies becomes more
engaging with every listen. After three albums and an EP, Coogan clearly isn’t
the star she ought to be, but even so, she ranks one of the best of her breed.


“Dreaming My Life Away,” “Halfway Gone” LEE ZIMMERMAN 





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