ANDY SHERNOFF – On the First Day, Man Created God

Album: On the First Day, Man Created God

Artist: Andy Shernoff

Label: Yazoo Squelch Audio Society

Release Date: February 11, 2014

Andy Shernoff 2-11


If you don’t know his history, I’ll give you a little bit. Prior to being bassist/songwriter in The Dictators (NYC’s first punk band? Ramones fans might disagree, but…) Andy “Adny” Shernoff had written for Creem magazine. Later he wrote and produced the Manitoba’s Wild Kingdom record and later led a band called The Master Plan. His songs have been covered by legends and have been featured in films and TV shows.

In 2012 Shernoff released his first solo ep, Don’t Fade Away and here we have his 2nd. As evidenced in the satirical title, these four songs have Shernoff questioning the existence of a greater being out there. Opening cut “Are You Ready to Rapture?” wonders what happens when HE returns (or as he puts it,  “when the zombie Jew returns”). The thing is, on this song and the three others, the arrangements and melodies cannot be beat. “Skeptical” (the title says it all) is a folk song in the Bob Dylan vein (the harmonica got me) while “Fisher of Men” is a driving rock/pop song.

The set ends with the rollicking, sarcastic “Get On Your Knees for Jesus” (sample lyric: “He didn’t wanna leave us so he’s coming back to please us…”).  While at time the lyrics on On the First Day…  can get a little goofy, even for those of us who question the existence of a deity, Shernoff still shows how he has not forgotten to written a superb, engaging pop song. The guy is a real pro and should have done a solo full-length years ago. Can we ask for one now?

DOWNLOAD: “Skeptical,” “Get On Your Knees for Jesus”

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