Album: Peace

Artist: Anders Osborne

Label: Alligator

Release Date: October 08, 2013

Anders Osborne 10-8


Though born in Sweden, Anders Osborne’s longtime residency in New Orleans has been the prevailing influence in his recording career, both as an artist and producer. Nevertheless, Peace figures to be his most diversified effort yet, one that takes unexpected twists and turns while venturing into realms wholly unexpected. While the furtive funk accompanying such songs as “47,” “Let It Go” and “Windows” find common ground with his traditional blues-based palette, the psychedelic swirl that immerses the title track and “Brush Up Against Me” seems a distraction at best. Once the haze clears, the sweet and suggestive “Sentimental Times,” the strummed yet determined “I’m Ready,” a jubilant “Dream Girl” and the reggae rhythms of “Sarah Anne” secure standout status.

 Osborne’s affection for Neil Young and Steve Miller is obvious, but retro references aside, Peace represents a significant step forward. If the cover photo of a young girl flipping the bird symbolises Osborne’s willingness to defy expectations, it’s also indicative of his confidence and conviction.

 DOWNLOAD: “I’m Ready,” “Sentimental Times,” “Dream Girl”

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