Amy Speace – The Killer in Me

January 01, 1970

(Wildflower Records)


Given her all-star support – erstwhile producer James
Mastro, also the man behind the Bongos and Health and Happiness Club, esteemed
pop pundit Mitch Easter, Judy Collins, who signed the young artist to her
Wildflower label and Ian Hunter, who makes a rare guest appearance here as
backing vocalist — it wouldn’t have been surprising if Amy Speace were content
to relegate the heavy lifting to her colleagues and merely coast on their
credentials.  Fortunately, Speace opts
not to take a backseat and chooses instead to step up to the spotlight and bare
her soul in full confession.  This, the
third album of her solo sojourn, finds her emotionally tattered following the
break-up her decade-long marriage and offering up a song cycle that explores
the torment and uncertainty that love often wreaks on the psyche.


Notably then, Speace never falters from the challenge, and
while songs such as “Storm Warning” (“This is gonna hurt”), “This Love”
(“Sometimes love is not enough/Sometimes time is all you need”) and “Haven’t
Learned A Thing” (“I have failed, I have fallen, cried til I was bawling…”)
purvey the pain caused when bonds are shattered and relationships go wrong, she
also sounds resolute and resilient even in these bleakest of
circumstances.  “Dog Days” and “Something
More Than Rain” show her determined to rise above adversity and peer cautiously
towards hopeful days ahead.  And while
the album is cast mostly in darker hues, on songs like “Better” and “Would I
Lie”  she quickens the pace and comes across as a feisty insurgent who could
keep company with Lucinda Williams or Chrissie Hynde as they curse those who
betrayed them and laid their love to waste. 
“If I’m good enough for you, am I good enough for me?,” she retorts on
the strident “Dirty Little Secret,” a veritable declaration of assertion and
independence that sets the tone for the album as a whole.  The answer’s clear – she’s not only good
enough, but strong enough to prove it as well.


Standout tracks: “Dog Days,” “I Met My Love,” “Dirty Little Secret” LEE ZIMMERMAN


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