American Werewolf Academy – Everything Is Alright So Far

January 01, 1970

(Damnably Records)


Remember the first time you heard The Replacement’s
“Bastards of Young”? For many it reset all expectations of what a rock song
could and should sound like. Lyrics like poetry, propped up by dirty guitars
and just enough pop to stick in your head for hours, it may not have been a
huge hit at the time but has been responsible for influencing an entire generation
of garage bands.


The Texas trio American Werewolf Academy
has yet to write their “Bastards of Young,” but if Everything Is Alright So Far – their full length – is any
indication, it’s only a matter of time. The new album is a baker’s dozen of new
tunes and some songs for earlier releases brimming with attitude and steeped in
everything from ‘60s garage, punk rock and Cheap Trick/Milk N’ Cookies-era
power pop, one incredible song after the next. “Rock Show Tonight” (which tips
its grease-smudged hat appropriately enough to The ‘Mats “Talent Show”) and the
bratty album closer “Welcome to the Academy” (quite possibly the best Ramones’
song The Ramones never wrote), are both worthy of any critic’s “song of the
year” list. 


Texas grows great musicians like it grows shitty presidential
candidates, but American
Werewolf Academy
manage to stand out in a highly competitive music scene populated by talented
musicians.  Just waiting for the rest of
the world to catch up with this band.   


 DOWNLOAD: “Summer Ship”, “Rock Show
Tonight” and “Welcome to the Academy”    JOHN B. MOORE


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