American Speedway – A Bigger Boat

January 01, 1970

(Prophase Music)


Certain bands
out there are one-dimensional, they have a sound and you either like the sound
or you don’t like it. Bands like The Ramones, AC/DC, or Motorhead.  The last two on the list would seem to be a
big influence on this quartet from Philly who, judging by their press photo,
really enjoy their beer. So yes, they are American (cans of PBR in the photo).


Like an even
more hepped-up New Bomb Turks (or Nashville Pussy or Turbonegro or Zeke or…),
these guys pop the clutch and jam the car into 4gth gear. (Grinding gears? Who
cares about that.) Opening cut “Howl Ya’ Doin” rips out of the gate with
burning guitar and a vocalist who sounds like he gargles with Drano while “I
Killed Laura Palmer” still blasts but has a touch more melody. They have the
good sense to write an anthem about their home state (“Pennsylvania”) and “Call me Night Rider”
could be an anthem for a generation. What generation I’m not sure.  This is relentless blowtorch record that
leaves no prisoners. The band does what it does well and though they are a bit
of a one-trick pony, you won’t hear their fans complaining because THEY NEED


Music to piss
the neighbors off by. I’m opening the window right now.


“Howl Ya’ Doin”, “Pennsylvania”,
“Ready to Roll” TIM HINELY





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