Ambarchi/O’Rourke/Haino – Tima Formosa

January 01, 1970

(Black Truffle)


Originally recorded in January 2009
at the Playhouse in Kitakyushu,
Japan, Tima Formosa marks the debut collaboration
from this trio of experimental greats Oren Ambarchi, Jim O’Rourke and Japanese
minimalist titan Keiji Haino. Together, the combination of Haino’s haunting
vocals, Ambarchi’s droning guitar rumbles, clicks and static-y build-ups and
O’Rourke’s unkeyed piano passages that find him manipulating strange tonal
frequencies from the actual strings inside his baby grand provide a sense of
atonal interplay that would certainly appeal to fans of Sunn 0)))) and John
Cage alike.


Anyone who can appreciate the sinister
calm of dark ambient drone music will certainly want to pick up this most
exceptional meeting of the avant minds.


Standout Tracks: Essentially
this is one big long performance piece spread across three tracks, so they are
all key to the whole listening experience of Tima Formosa. RON HART





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