All or Nothing, 1965-1968

January 01, 1970

(Voyage Digital Media)




It seems so simple, yet it’s so rarely done: include the
complete performances of songs in the career overviews of celebrated musical


There are numerous fly-by-night enterprises (who shall go
here unnamed) that use under ten second snippets in an effort to save money.
Reelin’ In The Years Productions have wisely opted to honor the historical
record and in their first batch of British Invasion DVDs. Actually, Small Faces
never successfully invaded the US,
where they’re known primarily for “Itchycoo Park.”
Surviving members Kenny Jones and Ian McLagan (as charming as ever) were
interviewed for this and Steve Marriott and Ronnie Lane are included with archival
footage. The latter is especially resonant, interviewed in 1988 with his humor and good cheer intact while suffering
the debilitating effects of the disease that cut his life short. The
performances are mostly drawn from television appearances, with a robust club
dating unequivocally displaying their original R&B leanings.


Special Features: Complete performances of all the songs in the documentary as well as four
additional ones, photo gallery, and the last filmed interview with Ronnie Lane.





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