ALKALINE TRIO – My Shame Is True

Album: My Shame Is True

Artist: Alkaline Trio

Label: Epitaph Records/Heart & Skull

Release Date: April 02, 2013

Alkaline Trio


 The highly prolific pop punks in Chicago’s Alkaline Trio (nine albums in 15 years) are clearly showing no signs of slowing it down as the members start narrowing in on their late 30’s. Thankfully they’ve tempered the macabre lyrics a bit over the years. The death-obsessed songs, especially appealing to the teens that first discovered the band, were a fun novelty when the group first surfaced, but the themes started to boarder on gimmicky soon after.

 The band’s latest, My Shame Is True, is their most mature lyrically. That’s not to say you should expect a bit change, just subtle nuances that allows the fans to grow up along with the band, with love – often unmet – still being the central theme. The group has also managed to keep their sharp as knives humor over the years (”Only Love”).   

 Listening back on the first couple of releases, its obvious Alkaline Trio has learned to inject more melody into their songs over the years, though My Shame Is True is closer to their punk-ier sound than the last few efforts. Their latest proves even punk rockers can grow old still maintain relevance.

 DOWNLOAD: “She Lied to the F.B.I.,” “Only Love” and “Until Death Do Us Part”


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