Alice Donut – Ten Glorious Animals

January 01, 1970

(Alternative Tentacles Records)


Ten Glorious
Alice Donut’s most excellent 10th full-length release, marking the
return of the band to the label they started on. AD are a strangely perverse,
wonderfully eccentric and uber-creative band, and I’ve often pondered why they
haven’t attained the legendary status as their psycho-delic musical soul-mates,
the Butthole Surfers. They’ve certainly worked hard enough at it over the
years; genre descriptors for their post/prog rock are “Bent Psych Freak Pop”
and my favorite, “Psychedelic Punk”.


Ten Glorious Animals strays a tad from their usual intensity by being more
accessible than frenetic outings like 2006’s Fuzz and their most famous album, The Untidy Suicides of Your Degenerate Children from 1992. Most of
the tunes are mid-tempo, but AD haven’t lost their twisted touch for fine
composing, arranging and production.


“Wide” carries on with an Iggy-like growl and
menace. “Don’t I Know” resurrects some
Elastica remembrances with Sissi Schulmeister singing lead. “Shiloh” recalls band life on the road in the
van, rolling through the moon-lit night, traveling from venue to venue with a
can of cold chili and a bottle of Jack to nip. The two most dynamic cuts, “Old
Dominion” andProg Jenny” are two shining examples of AD at their
best, with the latter going nuts at the end with some hyper-noodly wah-wah
action. Rounding out the eleven tunes is a Pixies cover, “Where Is My Mind”, goosed up with a trombone and fuzz
guitar. We’ll always have more fun than we deserve as long as Alice Donut walks
the earth.


Dominion,” Prog Jenny,” “Where Is My Mind” BARRY ST. VITUS



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