Alexander Tucker – Third Mouth

January 01, 1970

(Thrill Jockey)


A trance-like adventure begins in Kent, England with the pop
experimentalist Alexander Tucker.  This
artist features superb acoustic pop melodies while interpreting his view of
nature, life, and love.  (At times he
sounds similar Pink Floyd.) The mind altering adventure on CD begins with a
peaceful view of nature begins and a love of the sea; first track “A Dried
Seahorse” is an emotional tale about a seahorse dying shortly after being born.  This track has a psychedelic feel throughout
featuring light acoustic riffs and a heavy bass line, an ambient vibe bringing
out the wonders of nature and the sea. The tranquility of the Earth
subsequently turns into upheaval with “Mullioned View,” a gloomy story about
humanity’s distorted view of the world wherein human beings are always fighting
with one another instead of finding peaceful ways to coexist.  This track has a more mysterious psychedelic
feel throughout featuring darker acoustic riffs which bring out the ominous


Cosmic adventure continues with the heavier, almost
galactic fifth track “Andromeon,” about taking a ride into outer space and
exploring the unknown.  Finally, the
adventure ends with undying love: “Rh” is a romantic tale about a young man’s
desire for his girlfriend, its percussion suggesting a nervous heartbeat while
chanting vocals bring out the passion in the track.


Ultimately, Tucker has a remarkable grasp of melodic,
psychedelic pop; his album – 35 minutes of pure psych power – will stimulate
the senses and take one’s mind elsewhere. 


DOWNLOAD: “Mullioned View,” “Andromeon”  LESLIE SNYDER

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