Alex Lahey + Dude York 12/2/17, Denver

Dates: December 2, 2017

Location: Lost Lake Lounge , Denver CO

Live at the luscious Lost Lake Lounge (aLLiteration intended).


Not sure how long Seattle trio Dude York have been around for but their Hardly Art debut, Sincerely, came out earlier this year (to plenty of good reviews) then they came back before years end and just released a Christmas record too, the  fun and worthy Halftime for the Holidays. From the former we heard “Black Jack’ and “Something in the Way” while from the latter they turned us all info Canadians with their reworking of BTO’s ‘Takin’ Care of Business” (now known as “Takin’ Care of Christmas”). Their set had plenty of spunk and bite and they definitely earned some new fans this night. At the end of the set smiling lead guy Peter took a walk into the crowd and made some new friends.

Aussie gal Alex Lahey came out with a full band (Aussies, too) and shook the floors of the Lost Lake Lounge. She gets plenty of comparisons to fellow Aussie Courtney  Barnett, both female Aussies, but their music is quite different. Lahey’s stuff is more energectic, more emotionally charged and on this night she played an exuberant set of originals (off of her sole album, the terrific I Love You Like a Brother out now on Dead Oceans) and one cover for an encore (the surprising “Torn” by  Ednaswap).

Of the originals the album has many highlights including sprightly numbers like “Every Day’s the Weekend,” “Perth Traumatic Stress Disorder,” ‘I Want U” and the title track, which all have relatable lyrics, mostly about busted relationships, but plenty of big hooks, too. Lahey may be young (she’s only 25) but has a certain world weariness that she’s seen more than her 25 years, but her songs offer plenty of hope as well

Lahey genuinely seemed surprised by the reaction she got from the generous Denver crowd but she earned it. I can’t wait for the next record.




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