Alec Ounsworth – Mo Beauty

January 01, 1970



Good for Alec Ounsworth. The squeaking Philly-based Clap
Your Hands Say Yeah and Flashy Python front-man/singer/songwriter has wasted
little time establishing both his bands firmly before venturing into solo
territory. And he recorded in New
Orleans, yet, with Los Lobos producer Steve Berlin;
that’s old band-man shit, the sign of a careerist venturing out. Hey now.


Luckily Ounsworth’s got the chops and diversity (and Berlin’s push toward a
sound of robust density and local-color rhythm) to move from CYHSY’s quirk into
something musically zesty and lyrically zealous without forgoing the frenzy of
his alterna-friendly Clap. The ballads bake in the sun of Ounsworth’s most
evocative story telling. George Porter Jr. of the Meters and Galactic drummer
Stanton Moore shove Ounsworth’s kicking corner turn “South
Philadelphia (Drug Days)” into a Cajun cooker. The whole effort
sounds like an actual party as it opens new windows, jumps through hoops and
snores toward its close in the very best manner. So clap your hands.


Standout Tracks: “South Philadelphia (Drug Days),” “Holy, Holy, Holy Moses (Song For New Orleans),” “That Is
Not My Home (After Bruegel)” A.D. AMOROSI



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