Alain Johannes – Spark

January 01, 1970


(Rekords Rekords)


Alain Johannes gets around. A longtime associate of Josh
Homme, the multi-instrumentalist has collaborated with Queens
of the Stone Age, Them Crooked Vultures, Mark Lanegan, Chris Cornell and Spinnerette.
But his truest partnership was with musical and personal soulmate Natasha
Schneider, with whom he led the group Eleven. Schneider’s untimely passing in
2008 inspired “Endless Eyes,” the powerful opener to Johannes’ first solo


Freely blending rock, pop and folk into a psychedelic
cocktail, Johannes’ music reflects the time spent with previous employers
without sounding much like any of them. From the haunted dream of “The Bleeding
Whale” and existential balladry of “Unfinished Plan” to the catchy pop of
“Return to You” and the stunning acid folk of “Make God Jealous,” Johannes
shifts modes and moods like a chameleon, but his shape remains the same no
matter what the colors. With exotic acoustic guitar work and soulful singing as
the backbone, Alain Johannes – dedicated
to Schneider – is a work of tuneful imagination and heartfelt emotional


DOWNLOAD: “Endless
Eyes,” “Make God Jealous” MICHAEL TOLAND

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