ALABAMA SHAKES – Sound & Color

Album: Sound & Color

Artist: Alabama Shakes

Label: ATO

Release Date: April 21, 2015

Ala Shakes 4-21


Anytime a band makes a striking debut and takes both the public and the pundits by storm, it’s only natural that the world will be holding its breath for the follow-up. Unfortunately though, the lifetime of writing that went into the debut is, given the pressures of the market place, reduced to mere months when it comes to formulating a follow-up. It’s only natural then to ask, what resources remain.

Happily for Alabama Shakes, there was plenty left to call on, enough at least to continue the successful path they initiated at the very beginning. Singer Brittany Howard’s vocals are as pliable as ever, a high pitched squeal one moment, an irascible growl the next. Yet, in this case, it’s the band — bassist Zac Cockrell, guitarist Heath Fogg and drummer Steve Johnson – that have evolved most this time around, providing a shifting set of circumstance varied in both tone and texture. That’s especially evident in the songs, particularly the title track, “Don’t Wanna Fight” and “Miss You,” songs that expect their particular blend of pathos and passion. In that sense, the title is all too descriptive, given that in a very true sense, it’s that sound and color which gives this album such distinction.

DOWNLOAD: “Sound & Color,” “Don’t Wanna Fight,” “Miss You,”


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