AKRON – Voyage of Exploration

Album: Voyage of Exploration

Artist: Akron

Label: Vampisoul

Release Date: September 25, 2012



 The strange world of cosmic exotica might be lost on this generation of CGI snobs. But not for the man they call Akron, who landed a deal as a new artist with the belovedly retro reissue label Vampisoul on the strength of his abilities to conjure up images of outer space playboys sipping martinis on Mars while screening old Dario Argento horror flicks with his unique spin on the art form.

 And on the nine-song Voyage of Exploration, he takes elements of Esquivel, Moondog and the soundtracks to those weird, archaic films you watched in science class where the future looked like something from the Tomorrowland exhibit at the 1964 World’s Fair to extrapolate upon his love for the galaxy – Star Trek included – and what lies within the vortex of the unknown.

 Anyone wondering where the next Joe Meek is gonna come down the pike and totally shake all the hipster kids out of their Grimes-induced sugar comas should look no further than Akron.


DOWNLOAD: “The Corbomite Ritual”, “Frog War Chant”, “Memory Hole” —RON HART