Ahleuchatistas – Of the Body Prone

January 01, 1970





This, the fifth album from Asheville, N.C.
skronk rockers Ahleuchatistas, is marked by its firsts. It’s the first to
feature drummer Ryan Oslance, whose power behind the kit is tempered with a
restraint that perfectly complements the trio’s jazzy predilections.  His fills, like much of the album’s dynamic
shifts pummel abruptly, then just as quickly step off. This is also the first
Ahleuchatistas record in which guitarist Shane Perlowin hops off his
anti-effects wagon. This, naturally, makes this the band’s most texturally
nuanced effort to date, even as Perlowin’s reluctance to use effects has
successfully prevented him from overusing them here.


It’s not uncommon for anybody already familiar with
Ahleuchatistas’ oeuvre to speak of the band in reverent tones, and it’s as
clear why on Of The Body Prone as it
has been in any of the band’s recordings. Though this album is a mostly
composed collection, it still carries a feeling of raw spontaneity and
spaciousness that never comes at the expense of tightly-wound rocking. Prog
rock, post-punk and jazz are equal influences, culminating in the band’s
trademark frenzies of technically boggling post-rock. But with this latest
album, the band is as focused on the open spaces, the textures and the dynamic
quality of the whole piece as it is with sprinting through obscure scales.


It’s always been great. Now, it’s just, well, better.


Standout Tracks: “Why Can’t We Be In Jamaica,”
“2/3 Consensus On The Un-finite Possibilities” BRYAN REED


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