AHLEUCHATISTAS – Heads Full of Poison

January 01, 1970



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It was an apropos undertaking when, back in 2008, downtown
New York avant-garde pioneer John Zorn reissued an early, out-of-print record
by North Carolina instrumental proggers Ahleuchatistas via his intrepid Tzadik
label. After all, it was an ostensible given that Ahleuchatistas’ aesthetic
found on The Same and the Other – face-ripping
sonic intricacies, utterly devastating, razor sharp time-signature-rattling
changes galore, apocalyptic guitar skronk fuckery, dizzying thrash shredding – would
give Zorn a hard-on.


Now four-some years later, Ahleuchatistas – the band name
melded from both the title of a Charlie Parker song and a revolutionary
movement spurred in Mexico – has since morphed into a duo, guitarist Shane
Perlowin and drummer Ryan Oslance, and Heads
Full of Poison
(its third for the Cuneiform label, and seventh LP overall;
the limited-to-500-copies vinyl version is being released by Asheville-based
Harvest Records) represents yet another rebirth in its decade-long daring
trajectory into a shape-shifting universe of sound. The caustic Flying Luttenbacherisms
and Beefheartian hiccups of earlier material has given way to a staggeringly
precise whipping of Eastern music and raga-bent deconstruction fused with its
trademark monolithic, fractured avant-rock detail.


In the end, minds are blown that the damage Ahleuchatistas
dishes out is courtesy of a mere two trailblazing musicians.    


Trauma,” “A Trap Has Been Set”  –BRAD COHAN                        


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