Adrian H and the Wounds – Adrian H and the Wounds

January 01, 1970



Gothic rock has been so swept
up in the last few years by the Twilight zone of radio-friendly pop (thank you, eyeliner-wearing emo bands and H.I.M.)
that the second LP by Adrian H and the Wounds sounds positively innovative. The
piano-pounding H draws his inspiration less from old school British goth
(though there’s definitely a touch of Bauhaus in there) than from the creepier
end of Tom Waits (a connection made clear by a cover of Waits’ “Hoist That
Rag.”) Rather than revolve around guitars and dance beats, arrangements exist
solely in support of H’s shock suspenstories and cigs ‘n’ absinthe speak/sing,
with a few electronic grooves and sampled sounds floating in the mix.


From the sexual predation of “That Hurts” to the sinister
incest of “Bad Man” and the cartwheel into madness of “The Night My Mother
Screamed,” the Texan-bred/Portland-based H’s characters don’t shy away from
depravity – it’s like splatterpunk without the gore. Even a cover of “Chim Chim
Cher-ee” (from Disney’s Mary Poppins)
becomes an unsavory seduction tactic in the Wounds’ gnarled hands. “Would you
like to hear of the things I’ve seen?” he seethes in the opening cut “Memory,”
“of the horror and the evil of human beings?” Given his tone, we should
politely decline, but we can’t turn away from tragedy on display, can we?



Man,” “The Night My Mother Screamed,” “Chim Chim Cher-ee” MICHAEL TOLAND


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