Album: Black Horses

Artist: Adam Franklin & Bolts of Melody

Label: Goodnight

Release Date: July 23, 2013

Adam Franklin July 16


You know the name Adam Franklin or I should say you might know him by his previous band, ‘90s heavy-rock shoegazers,  Swervedriver. Since then he’s released some solo records (as well as under the name Toshack Highway) and done a fair amount of production work, too. Regardless of what he’s doing or who he’s working with the guy has a real knack for a memorable vocals and /or guitar melody. Yup, he just has it.

On this latest record (his fourth solo record overall and second with the Bolts of Melody) Franklin delves more into soundtrack work. It’s not completely different than what’s he’s done before, but it does have a different feel to it, like any of these songs (pieces?) could have been background music in a film. Take “I Used to Live for Music” which has a feel of a John Barry song, albeit if John Barry was in an indie band in the ‘90s or the soaring “When I Love You  (I Love You All the Whole)”.  Over on side two it opens with the lush “Passenger Train Warped by the Rain” (an Ennio Morricone cover), the murky “I Used to Live for s Thousand Years’ and a terrific version of (speaking of) John Barry’s “Boom.” All in a day’s work for Franklin.

Do me favor, please: direct a movie so you can hire this guy to do the soundtrack.

DOWNLOAD: “When I Love You  (I Love You All the Whole),” “I Used to Live for Music,” “I Used to Live for a Thousand Years,” “Boom”


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