Ad Frank & The Fast Easy Women – Your Secrets Are Mine Now

January 01, 1970

(The Archenemy Record Company)



Ad Frank often gets linked to David Bowie, a lot like the
way Hedwig (naturally) was. There’s a flamboyant, sultry theatricality to both
that on the surface (what else was there with Hedwig?) makes the comparison
understandable for Frank, if not just a bit unimaginative. In title and thick
riffage, “Open Up The Patio (Pretty Girls Are Back In Style)”-the looping
rocker that opens Your Secrets Are Mine
-bears a stronger, somewhat incongruous, resemblance to Guided By
Voices. The harshest debate on the subject could certainly settle one thing:
the man can go big.


Frank has graced the stages of T.T. The Bear’s and other Cambridge rock dens for a
solid decade now with his band the Fast Easy Women (in its most recent
incarnation featuring former Helicopter Helicopter drummer Ned Gallacher) and
has failed to reach much further. On YSAMN,
he offers no evidence of deviating from his blend of
dark-soft-and-at-times-electro pop. Synthed-out and achingly earnest,
“Winterthru” is reminiscent of OMD soundtracks and helps points out the strange
notion that someone other than Passion Pit uses drum machines in Boston. The
best trick in Frank’s hat, though, comes on “The Cuddle” and “Man On Fire,”
where Sarah Rabdau-taking the role that was Paula Kelley’s – loops her pure and
delicate voice around Frank’s sinister croon. In the footsteps of Francis/Deal
and Dando/Hatfield, they must be drinking from the same dirty water.


Standout Tracks: “Winterthru,”
“The Cuddle” ZACH BLOOM



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