Acid House Kings – Music Sounds Better With You

January 01, 1970



This Swedish pop
institution has been at it for nearly two decades but this is their first
record in 6 years.  No surprise really as
one of the members of the trio, Johan Angergard, has been busy releasing
records with his others bands,  Club 8
and The Legends (he may even have a few other bands that I’m unaware of, too).
Also, the band began recording this record as early as 2008 but apparently
scrapped the record (which was half done) as being “too dark and not melodic
enough.”  Johan also stated that the band
were very self-critical on this record and wanted nothing but good songs. Well,
they have achieved that.


The band, which
also includes Johan’s brother Nilas and Niklas’ sister-in-law Julia Lannerheim
(who has been on their records for most of the band’s existence) are pop
scientists in the studio and Music Sounds
Better With You
is the hookiest and most consistent of the band’s
career.  Opening cut “Are We Lovers or
Are We Friends?” is a terrific starting point with an ebullient bounce
unmatched since the last Camera Obscura record while “Windshield” , full of
snappy castanets (as do all 10 songs on here) has swooning backing vocals and a
hook to die for as does the driving “Under Water.” They toss in a few slower,
sadder ballads (“Where have You Been?”, 
“There is Something Beautiful”) but most of this record will speak to
that part of you that is happy you got into pop music in the first place (when
your Abba records were all you had). Abba is long gone, long live the Acid House


“Are We Lovers or Are We Friends?”, “Windshield”, “Where Have We Been?”,

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