Abe Vigoda – Crush

January 01, 1970

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It’s uncertain how kindly the legend behind one of the
greatest television cops in sitcom history would take to a group of young
chillwave punks from Los Angeles’ The Smell scene that spawned the likes of
Health and No Age parading around using his name for their band’s handle. But,
at the very least, Abe Vigoda do the guy who played Greenwich Village gumshoe
Philip K. Fish
on Barney Miller justice
by creating an intriguing, polyrhythmic sound that’s entirely their own, and
one that seems to evolve with each new recording they send through the pipe. And
Crush, Abe Vigoda’s second proper
full-length, is no exception to this band’s progress as major players on the
national rock underground.  This latest
effort finds the quirky quartet in collaboration with producer Chris Coady
(Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Beach House, TV On The Radio, Blonde Redhead) and all but
eschewing the nervous, hyperactive energy of 2008’s Skeleton in favor of a more romantic strain of their surf-punk
tendencies, allowing songs like “Dream of My Love”, “November” and “To Tears”
to become fully immersed in their once-hidden collective love for Orange Juice,
Joy Division and Morrissey’s Bona Drag.
 Elsewhere, one can instantly hear more
than a few drinking sessions with Ride’s Going
Blank Again
pulsing in the background on the shoegazey title cut. Growing
better with age should always be the primary goal for every new band; and
seeing that Abe Vigoda have progressed by leaps and bounds in terms of both
their songwriting and inventive performance chops should definitely make their
89-years-young namesake a little less cranky about the use of his iconic name.


DOWNLOAD: “Dream of My Love,” “Crush,” “Repeating Angel,”
To Tears” RON HART

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