Aaron Wood – Aaron Wood

January 01, 1970

(J-Woo Records)




Aaron Wood – that’s “Woody” Wood to pretty much anyone who
knows the gent – has been a mainstay of the western N.C. independent scene for
years, having creased the national radar during the ‘90s as a member of the Sub
Pop-signed Blue Rags and subsequently going on to assorted other regional combos
and collaborations, including power-rock outfit Hollywood Red and even a latter-day
Blue Rags revival. Aaron Wood is, in
effect, a career summation for the multitasking musician, touching down in a
selection of overlapping genres that ably showcase his songwriting, singing and
guitar-slinging talents.


To wit, among the obvious highlights of this standouts-stuffed
11-song platter: the southern-fried, Tom Pettyish powerpop of “Coal Black
Hair,” twangy garage raveup “Used To It,” downcast country-roots ballad “Speak
Your Name” and blazing, horns-heavy funk-rocker “Too Late,” a track that
wouldn’t be out of place on Warren Haynes’ recent solo album. Hold that
thought: check the gospel-tinged, waltz-time anthem “Back Home,” in which Wood
pushes his soulful pipes well into the realms of possession – close your eyes and you’d swear it was a Memphis or
Muscle Shoals production circa the early ‘70s.


Recorded at the venerable Echo Mountain
facility and boasting an array of local talent including Mike Rhodes, Ryan
Burns, members of the Asheville Horns, Matt Gentling from the Archers of Loaf
and ex-Lynyrd Skynyrd Artimus Pyle, the album makes for a sharp reintroduction
of Aaron Wood to the national scene at large. If you happen to catch him
playing, however, it’s probably cool if you skip the formalities and just
address him as “Woody.”


Late,” “Back Home,” “Used To It” FRED MILLS

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