Aaron Jentzen – Great Inventors EP

January 01, 1970

(Inferential Kid Music + Media)




His brooding baritone recalling Hunky Dory-era David Bowie, Aaron Jentzen sets the tone here with a
melancholy title track that finds him haunted by the lingering shadow of
simpler, more innocent times with “Combat
on the stereo and that Rocky
Horror Picture Show
,” when “we never thought it would get any better than
this.” It starts off sparse and atmospheric, its rhythm suggesting that Jentzen
maybe spent some time with Synchronicity on that same stereo, and gets more textured as it goes along.


But Jentzen’s vocals and the lyrics they deliver are the
focus here, whether venturing into Nick
Cave territory on “The
Known World,” a highlight whose mood is part Spaghetti Western, part film noir,
or crooning his way through the shadows on “People Like Us.” And then, he signs
off with a bagpipe-fueled chamber-pop classic called “Yesterday’s People” that
starts with a trembling “Saw my face in the mirror/Didn’t like what I saw” and
only gets better from there.


Standout Tracks: “Great Inventors,” “Yesterday’s People” A. WATT


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