A Weather – Everyday Balloons

January 01, 1970





Portland band, led by Aaron Gerber (vocals/guitar) and Sarah Winchester
(vocals/drums) formed just four short years ago and had the indie rock
community stand up and take notice on their 2008 debut, Cove with their
patented (pardon the word) slow-core sound. . On this, record number
two, the band once again enlisted the talent of Adam Selzer who has worked with
everyone from M. Ward to the Decemberists and plenty of others.
 While Everyday Balloons sure sounds nice it’s the songs that are
occasionally lacking on here.


cut, “Third of Life” wasn’t the greatest tune to open the record with, way too
loping and meandering, and at over six minutes it’s about three minutes too
long. “Winded”, with its rollicking piano is a much better song while Aaron and
Sarah’s call and response vocals work perfectly. “Seven Blankets” is another
snail-paced one that seems to be looking for a home (as is the Sarah-sung
“Midday Moon”), while on the lovely “Newfallen”, the guitar playing gives the
feeling of an Autumn day and the vocal harmonies add that perfect layer on top.
Again, Everyday Balloons sounds like the kind of gentle record that you
want to carry you from Winter into Spring. And that it does – but you just
might find yourself snoozing for part of the trip.


: “Winded”, “Newfallen”, “No Big Hope”, “Fond”  TIM HINELY



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